Colour Concepts

The impact of colour is not to be underestimated. In therapeutic institutions one should cautiously support what is happening in the rooms, since the colours influence the soul life more strongly than we usually think. In the maternity ward of a hospital, for example, a mood of intimate security must develop. In schools, kindergartens and public buildings it is very important to develop viewpoints which correspond to the activities in the various rooms. My experience has shown that it is very meaningful and effective, when those people whose environment is to be redesigned in colour are not only involved in the conception, but also in the practical execution. This is a wonderful possibility to grow together with the architecture and its inner spaces.


Sometimes classical and reserved, at other times, upbeat and fresh, lazure is not simply lazure. Interestingly, a calm, discreet lazure can often “widen” the room, letting it appear larger than it is. The layers of related colours, built up on one another, create a changeable play of colours on the surface, so that the wall no longer appears so solid, but rather “living and breathing”. Personally I prefer the more calm, reserved lazures. Of course, depending on the architectural situation, a colour accent in the form of an eye-catcher is sometimes appropriate. For example, I have used coarse brushes of complementary colours as a lazure in such a way that a certain “freshness” is created. I have applied lazures in clinics, schools, kindergartens, medical offices, businesses, and private homes.

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Mural Paintings

Human beings have always surrounded themselves with murals. Think of the cave paintings, on the decoration of churches, etc.
What can be said against giving one’s own home an individual accent by surrounding oneself with themes which are a life motif in the form of a mural? And it can make quite an exclusive impression, when on entering a business or a public building one is immediately greeted in the entrance by a beautifully formed wall in appealing colours. It is also a wonderful challenge to go into very individual design requests within ambitious architecture, and to find unique solutions for them. If you would enjoy an exceptional living environment, I would gladly create, together with you, such an environment.

Examples of my murals can be found here.